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The Story of Byk Kids Bikes

Latest News at ByK Kids Bikes

  • BikeWise are a team of cycling professionals who run bicycle training and consultative services in Sydney. They have teamed up with City of Sydney to provide free courses using ByK Kids Bikes.  Ride kids bikes Sydney-Style with BikeWise!

    Learn on the Best Kids Bikes Sydney Has to Offer With Bikewise
  • This is not so much a review of ByK Kids Bikes, but a glowing endorsement in our eyes.  A Melbourne Mum, who goes by the name of Lightning McStitch, put together this awesome Evil Knievel costume for her son to match his nutcase helmet.

    Kids love to ride. Kids love to dress up. Have you ever seen a better combination of these two things!

    Evil Knievel Rides Again... On A ByK Kids Bike
  • We've teamed up with The Squeaky Wheel, who in conjunction with the City of Port Phillip's She Spoke - South Side Women's Riding Program, and Enviro E-Hub, are giving away a ByK Kids Bike Accessory Pack of a Kids Helmet, Kids Riding Gloves and Kids Bike Lock.

    Come and join the fun of their awsome Wheelie Kids Workshop - featuring bicycle doctors, bike decorating workshop and a bike runway.

    Kids Will Enjoy the Kids Bicycle Wheelie Workshop in St Kilda
  • A great review from Marion Turner of Essential Kids, and her son's upgrade to the E-450x3i ByK kids bike.  Previously he had learnt on an E-250 First Kids Bike so he already had a head start in being a confident rider.

    The E-450x3i was a huge step up for him and he only just reached the ground meaning he was at the limit of the age/height range for the bike.  But Mum was confident he would be able to handle the bike.

    5-Year Old Reviews the E-450x3i Geared Kids Bike
  • We have been following the adventures of a boys journey in learning to ride with thirteenredshoes blogger, Rebecca Wiggins and her son.

    Like most kids, he dictated the terms of learning to ride and it has taken a few months to get the enthusiasm up to speed but after a hiatus with Christmas and New Year, on the first outing with the bike, voila... he is now riding on his own!

    Follow a boy's journey in learning to ride a bike
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