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The Story of Byk Kids Bikes

Latest News at ByK Kids Bikes

  • A recent article in the Daily Telegraph reminds us that even at home, kids helmets should be worn when playing on scooters and bicycles.  

    It is easy to be more relaxed at home if kids are playing in the backyard or the driveway, but as statistics show, it is often the fall that causes injury, not the speed.

    A Reminder That Kids Helmets Should Be Worn At All Times, Even When Playing In The Backyard At Home
  • When you're buying a kids bike for the first time, there are a few new concepts to be aware of - the height of the child is more important than their age, and don't get stuck rating bikes based on wheel size (as adult bikes often are categorised) as that has no bearing at all on whether its the right size bike for your child.

    A good way to review a bike is to see it in action - being ridden by kids of all ages and abilities.  Check out some of the videos posted by happy customers on our Faceboo

    How Easy Is It To Ride on a ByK Kids Bike?
  • As parents and consumers ourselves, we value real customer reviews of products that we are considering buying.  

    Social Media has become a goto place for many people to find real reviews from friends, family and the general public and our ByK Facebook Page is a great place to start looking.

    Kids Bike Reviews From the People Who Matter Most
  • We came across this wonderful video of a man who lived and breathed bicycles and he actually owned what is possibly the first ever balance bike - the Baron von Drais designed in 1817 in Germany.  

    It's great to see a design from its earliest origins even though it was made originally for adults and today's balance bikes for kids are a revolutionary design that means more fun and more confidence for riding a bike with pedals later on!

    The First Ever Balance Bike Was Made in 1816
  • This is not so much a review of ByK Kids Bikes, but a glowing endorsement in our eyes.  A Melbourne Mum, who goes by the name of Lightning McStitch, put together this awesome Evil Knievel costume for her son to match his nutcase helmet.

    Kids love to ride. Kids love to dress up. Have you ever seen a better combination of these two things!

    Evil Knievel Rides Again... On A ByK Kids Bike
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