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The Story of Byk Kids Bikes

Latest News at ByK Kids Bikes

  • This video says it all - put together by the Mahora School in New Zealand - it showcases the students and teachers and what they love about having the Bikes in Schools program at their school.  

    The program has given kids the opportunity to not only learn to ride, but to become more confident at it as a sport in general, and as a result, for many kids, it has increased their learning capacity through greater self-esteem from having mastered a new skill and having fun at the same time.

    Kids Riding at School Does More Than Just Teach Bike Skills
  • RideOn Magazine reviewed one of our first ever models, the E-250, back in 2011 and labelled it, "The bike that bike riders buy their kids.". We were chuffed at hearing this and now they have included us again in their ultimate Bike Buyers Guide. 

    Their article goes into detail about where to buy - from bike shops, buying online and buying second hand - as well as what to look for when you go for a test ride of a bike. Most importantly, they give advice on what to consider when buying a kids bik

    The Recommended First Kids Bike in RideOn Magazines Buying Guide
  • Looking for a cheap and fun activity for the kids this school holidays? Come along on the 9th April for some bike decorating fun at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne. They are  celebrating "Happy Travels" - a way for kids to explore the amazing ways people bedazzle, bless and beautify their journeys, all over the world.

    ByK Bikes are getting involved with the Squeaky Wheel to give away some fabulous kids bike accessories for the Wheelie Workshop for kids - a free event where you can bring al

    Decorate Your Kids Bike at the Museum School Holidays Program
  • Damien Enderby is a ByK Dad who loves to ride. From the age of 12 when he got his first mountain bike, his passion for riding led him to race and he has competed at countless State and, National Mountain Bike events with success at the National level, and has also competed at the International level for Off-Road Triathlon and Duathlon.

    We know Damien because he and his wife, Jenny, have turned their passion for cycling and fitness into a business that teaches kids to ride and they use ByK bikes

    Mountain Bike Champion and ByK Dad, Damien Enderby tells us what he loves about bikes
  • We were thrilled to see a ByK Rider, Ben aged 6, who competed in The Rev Cycle Challenge, in Cambridge, New Zealand, recently and managed to ride a whopping 18km on his ByK E-450 bike.

    Kids always surprise us by what they're capable of doing and when they love something as much as riding a bike, a challenge such as this is a fun way for them to see what they can achieve.

    As his mum, Leanne, said, "This dude tackled all the hills on a single speed bike - not something I could do! Proud of my bo

    Kids Love the Challenge of Competing in a Bike Race
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